Master Internships and Theses

Please make the appropriate selection below based on whether you are a TU Delft student and whether you are enrolled in the Vehicle Engineering (VE) track of the Mechanical Engineering Master Program.





Information about the second year of the Vehicle Engineering (VE) track can be found on the TU Delft internal Brightspace site, see link. We will offer (or assist in finding) appropriate MS Thesis topics for all students within the VE track. The staff persons involved in the various specializations are (in alphabetical order, see contact data):

  • Perception & Modeling: Prof. Dr. D.M. Gavrila, Dr. J.F.P. Kooij, and Dr. H. Caesar
  • Dynamics & Control: Dr. J. Alonso-Mora, Prof. Dr. R. Babuska, Dr. J. Kober, Dr. W. Pan, Dr. B. Shyrokau, Prof. Dr. M. Wisse
  • Human Factors: Prof. Dr. Abbink, Dr. J. De Winter and Dr. R. Happee

Please note that each specialization has certain course requirements that need to be fulfilled before a MS Thesis project can be started. If these are met, contact one of the corresponding staff persons. Please include following information:

  • your CV
  • your BS and MS course transcripts
  • your preferred starting date
  • any preference for particular Thesis topics (methods and/or applications), and
  • any preference to pursue your MS Thesis onsite at TU Delft, or externally at some company.

For general advice or guidance, please contact the VE track coordinator (Dr. De Winter).










We are generally not able to supervise internships and/or MS Theses of non-VE students, due to staff shortage.

If you have a very good academic record (grade average 8.3 / A- or higher in the courses relevant for your internship / MS Thesis) or some other strong qualification, we might make an exception. In that case, please send us a short letter of motivation, your CV and your course transcripts (MS, BS).





For students from universities that participate in academic exchange programs with the TU Delft, like ERASMUS, please see tab “TU Delft non-VE students”.

For other non-TU Delft students, we are unfortunately not able to supervise internships and/or MS Theses. If you are interested in the Vehicle Engineering track of the Master program in Mechanical Engineering, see the info here.