All our seven paper submissions to the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2019, the main international conference in the field, were accepted:

  • M.Roth and D. M. Gavrila. DD-Pose – A large-scale Driver Head Pose Benchmark
  • E.A.I. Pool, J.F.P. Kooij and D. M. Gavrila. Context-based cyclist path prediction using Recurrent Neural Networks
  • A. Palffy, J.F.P. Kooij and D. M. Gavrila. Occlusion aware sensor fusion for early crossing pedestrian detection
  • C. Rist, M. Enzweiler and D. M. Gavrila. Cross-Sensor Deep Domain Adaptation for LiDAR Detection and Segmentation.
  • T. Hehn, J.F.P. Kooij and D. M. Gavrila. Instance Stixels: Segmenting and Grouping Stixels into Objects
  • L. Ferranti, B. Brito, E.A.I. Pool, Y. Zheng, R.M. Ensing, R. Happee, B. Shyrokau, J.F.P. Kooij, J. Alonso-Mora and D.M. Gavrila. SafeVRU: A Research Platform for the Interaction of Self-Driving Vehicles with Vulnerable Road Users
  • C. M√ľnch and D. M. Gavrila. Composable Q-functions for Pedestrian Car Interaction