FAQ – Intelligent Vehicles

  • Q: Will the lectures of this course be video-taped (i.e. Collegerama) and be available for later viewing? 
  • A: Unfortunately, no.


  • Q: I would like to follow this course as a selective course, but due to scheduling conflicts, I am unable to attend X lectures and Y lab sessions. Is that OK? 
  • A: It is not possible to answer this question concretely, as the answer depends on many factors, including your abilities and what your definition is of “OK”. Although attendance of lectures and lab sessions is not mandatory, it is important for learning the material in this course (there are no good textbooks available). Also, as lab sessions involve group work, it would be inconsiderate to your group members were you to be unable to properly contribute due to missing of lectures/labs. You are advised not to take this course as a selective course, if you are missing out on more than 1-2 lectures / lab sessions.


  • Q: I would like to follow this course as a selective course, but the final exam clashes with another exam I have. Can the exam of this course be rescheduled?
  • A: Unfortunately, not. Scheduling of the exams is done centrally by the faculty office. The office makes sure no exam scheduling conflicts exists for MS students following the ME-VE curriculum. All other conflicts cannot be taken into account. You might consider taking the resit of one of your conflicting exams.