Media Coverage - Intelligent Vehicles Group at TU Delft

NOS TV Evening News and others (09.08.2019)

Coverage of our vehicle demo “Interaction Self-Driving Vehicle with Pedestrian”.

Wired Magazine (19.10.2017)

Article in Wired Magazine on self-driving vehicles needing to interact sensibly with humans in traffic.

3sat German TV special on IAA (15.09.2017)

The German 3Sat “Nano” science TV program featured a special regarding the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt on automated driving

NOS TV Evening News and others (03.2018)

Coverage of the first fatal pedestrian accident with a self-driving vehicle.

RTL News Dutch TV on Traffic Safety (21.09.2017)

The Dutch RTL TV news covered state-of-the-art driver assistance and ongoing research on pedestrian safety

Opening RADD (27.06.2017)

Coverage of the opening of the Research Lab Automated Driving Delft (RADD) by the Dutch transportation minister in the national press.

Der Spiegel (02.12.2017)

An article Erbarmen mit den Roboter (Mercy with the robots) in Der Spiegel of 49 / 2017.

NRC Dutch Newspaper Article (02.09.2017)

An article De grote datarace: een rijbewijs voor de robotauto (the great data race – a driver license for the robot car) appeared in the Dutch newspaper NRC on the remaining challenges of self-driving vehicles.

Dariu Gavrila's Inaugural Speech (23.06.2017)

Coverage of Dariu Gavrila’s Inaugural Speech at TU Delft “The Intelligent Vehicles (R)evolution” in the Dutch press.